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DBS Treasury Prism.
Award-winning innovation.

Welcome to the world's first online treasury and cash management simulation platform. Brought to you by DBS, a leading digital bank in Asia, Treasury Prism is built for today's Treasury and Finance professionals.

Using Treasury Prism, you can model various cash management solutions and quantify the underlying benefits and costs. You can also explore the whole range of potential solutions available and analyse opportunities that maximise value for your enterprise. As you build simulations, you will receive instant regulatory insights based on the structures to determine whether there is a need to change your existing practices.

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Model your cash management structures easily and at no cost.

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Choose from the full range of potential solutions that best fit your business objectives.

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Analyse the benefits and cost implications of the chosen structure to support your business case.

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Knowledge Centre

Access timely insights on cash and treasury management practices including emerging trends, established treasury management concepts as well as new solutions and detailed market profiles.

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