Digital Treasury Transformation: The Journey is Far from Over

Digital technologies are reshaping the way corporate treasury teams operate – removing error-prone and costly manual processes, powering smarter cash, investment and procurement decisions and helping companies better allocate and deploy resources to where they are needed most. CFOs and treasurers increasingly have a role to play in a company’s digital journey, but where do they start and what technology investments will deliver the best return on investment?

To understand this better, we surveyed more than 1,300 businesses comprising the Top 100 corporates and mid-market companies in 13 Asia-Pacific markets. Companies were asked about their digital readiness, the challenges they've encountered along the way, and the benefits of going digital. Industry leaders in the commodities, insurance and automotive sectors share with us their digital success stories, and we draw on our own experience as a digital-first bank to highlight the essential steps companies need to take to ensure digital becomes a powerful enabler for treasury transformation.



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Where are CFOs and Treasurers in their digital transformation journey?

Benefits of going digital

Leveraging digital technologies

APIs: A powerful enabler for digital treasury transformation

Taking next steps towards digital transformation

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Seven in 10 companies interviewed, lacked a digital execution strategy.

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