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  • Leading in Digital Cash Management

    In today's digital age, managing cash effectively has become a strategic priority to improve margins, enhance the customer experience and support global liquidity needs. Read more.

  • Notional Pooling

    Cash balances in different accounts are notionally offset to derive the net balance, which is then used to calculate interest. Read more.

  • POBO and ROBO: Channelling flows for group-wide value

    As companies adopt inhouse banking, the use of payments-on-behalf-of and receivables-on-behalf-of have also become more familiar and widespread. Read more.

  • Optimising cross-border liquidity

    There are a variety of solutions to enhance the management of cash held in different currencies and locations. Read more.

Treasury Concepts

Transitioning from paper to electronic and instant payments

Instant payments present opportunities for businesses to reduce risks and improve competitiveness. Read More

Market profiles


The USA is currently the world's largest economy and is one of the two world powerhouses. Its currency is the most used currency in international transactions and is the world's foremost reserve curr... Read More

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The Future-ready Treasurer

An Executive Roundtable with Corporate Treasurers and DBS hosted in Singapore. Read More


Expanding your business into Southeast Asia

Infographic: Southeast Asia is a region with economies at vastly different stages of development, and it can be challenging for new entrant... Read More


Realising the ‘Real-Time’ Benefit in Treasury

What does ‘real-time’ mean in a treasury context, and what are the benefits and implications? Read More