In today's environment, treasurers are often challenged to keep up and adapt to take advantage of the latest trends and developments in cash management. New technologies, evolving regulations, innovation in payments and new systems are constantly emerging, and leading treasurers are always on the look out for opportunities to optimise their strategy and company returns. 

We have prepared a series of articles that deliver key insights across innovation in payments, best-in-class liquidity management, digital trends in treasury and cash management as well as specific strategies for cash management optimisation.  

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Asia’s Best Bank for Transaction Services Award 2020

DBS takes the award for Asia’s best bank for transaction services this year. Read More

Post-pandemic Treasury: Innovation in Trade & Cash Management

As the impact of the pandemic continues, DBS Group Head of Global Transaction Services, John Laurens, shared his views on one expected outc... Read More

Ensuring Sufficient Liquidity in a Crisis

While treasurers already have liquidity strategies in place, a crisis like COVID-19 quickly turns risk scenarios from hypothetical to reali... Read More

Digital Supply Chain Solutions: Asia at the forefront of digital growth

COVID-19 has made it clear that digitalisation is imperative for organisations to survive and thrive. Read More

Business Digital Transformation: Are We At A Game-Changing Moment?

Faced with unprecedented challenges of adapting to operational and supply chain changes overnight, remote customer acquisition and economic... Read More

Infographic - Horizontal Sweep and Tax Efficient Sweeps in China

Treasurers need to consider how best to access available cash, as well as the tax implications, while understanding the market’s regulatory... Read More

DBS launches online tracking for cross border payments & collections for businesses

Corporates in Singapore and Hong Kong can now access real-time visibility for both cross-border payments and collections at no additional c... Read More

API Solution: Digitalising Trade to Survive & Thrive

International trade as we know it is hindered by highly manual processes, with reams of paper documentation exchanged within a complex netw... Read More

Treasury Management: A New Era in Payment Innovations

The world of payments has never been so exciting. Digital payments are gaining significant traction and smart innovation is gathering pace. Read More

Key Considerations for Treasurers in Tax Management

All taxes concern the treasury function, especially when the tax payment is material and it will need to be funded by treasury. Read More

Webinar Report: Distributor Financing - A Relatively New Phenomenon

Using supply chain finance to support suppliers has been standard practice for multinationals for years – but using similar tools to delive... Read More

The Future of Transaction Banking

Cloud, IoT, 5G and APIs will be key to helping corporates manage cash, says banker John Laurens. Read More

Using Technology to Diversify Net Interest Margin (NIM)

The top corporate banker at DBS wants her clients to get on board the bank’s A.I.-enabled DLT platforms. Read More

DBS is the first in Indonesia to launch cross-border transaction tracking service for corporate customers

Technological developments encourage the financial and banking sectors to carry out digital transformation to ... Read More

Cash Management: Innovation among the turmoil

The digital dividend dominated the cash management market in 2020. Read More

Digitisation for Precision Supply Chain Finance

There is an opportunity for corporates operating across Asia to improve both the transparency & resilience of their supply chains through d... Read More

DBS wins GTR Leader in Trade for Digitalisation 2021

A well-established leader in digital transformation, and with a number of key investment and performance highlights in digital trade over t... Read More

Digital Transformation and Its Importance To The Industry

Digitalisation is an ongoing business transformation journey with wide-ranging benefits. It transforms business processes & makes them more... Read More

Redefining Trade Finance

Now, corporates focused on digital transformation are redefining the financial supply chain as a resilient trade ecosystem. Find out more i... Read More

Webinar Report: Surviving the Liquidity Crunch

In a webinar hosted by DBS, Asia regional treasurers from HP and Nokia discussed the working capital and liquidity challenges treasurers ha... Read More

APIs are key for an organisation’s digital transformation

The future of transaction banking will depend on the successful deployment of next-generation technologies. Read More

Webinar Report: New Ways to Finance SMEs

Supplier finance providers are tapping into a wealth of data to offer funding to suppliers earlier and faster than ever before, according t... Read More

Mitigating supply chain disruptions with digitalisation

Banks need to enhance their digital capabilities so that firms can quickly receive trade financing support, without the need for physical i... Read More

Webinar Report: Faster supplier onboarding in supply chain finance programmes

Indian retail and apparel giant Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited has onboarded more than 500 suppliers to an early payment programme... Read More

Treasury: Technology is key to thrive in current environment

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly disrupted operations for many organizations, new technologies have allowed some treasury and fin... Read More

E-Bazaar: Merchants are taking their business online

DBS spreads instant cheer to more than 800 merchants on Ramadan E-Bazaar platform, BazaarRia Read More

Executive View: Digitalisation in Supply Chain

Treasurers are facing an increasing amount of challenges when managing supply chains. Read More

DBS Digital Treasurer: Asia’s Largest Companies are Embracing APIs

Research by DBS reveals the region’s most influential treasury units will notably increase usage of API technology to solve their biggest i... Read More

Webinar Report: Digitalisation of Global Supply Chains are Being Accelerated

More than three-quarters of companies have accelerated plans to digitise trade and supply chain finance processes, according to a poll of p... Read More

Liquidity Management for Treasurers amidst a crisis

‘Stay at home. Stay safe’. These are perhaps the words that will characterise 2020, a year dominated by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

Treasury APIs: Banking on a New Connectivity Ecosystem

Claiming the ‘Best Bank Connectivity’ accolade in TMI’s 2019 Awards for Innovation and Excellence, John Laurens, Group Head of Global Trans... Read More

DBS partners leading Chinese electronics manufacturer Haier to provide digital financing to its distributors within 24 hours

Financing facility leverages DBS’ APIs to provide distributors same-day financing via Haier’s digital supply chain platform Read More

Breaking Boundaries: Smart and Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

In an increasingly accountable business environment, corporates are looking for new ways to support their suppliers to adhere to sustainabl... Read More

Asia trade finance leaders discuss trade tensions and tech disruption

Every year GTR gathers some of the most influential names in Asian trade finance to discuss the challenges and opportunities the market fac... Read More

DBS completes first fully digital trade financing settlement on Singapore’s Networked Trade Platform

Cuts trade financing processing time from about a week to under one working day Read More

DBS Launches Industry-first Solution to Transform B2B Payments and Collections Landscape in Singapore

F&B industry to pilot solution – with leading F&B heavyweights such as SG5 and Huber’s Butchery Read More

DBS accelerates trade digitalisation efforts with more ‘industry-firsts’ to drive greater efficiencies for customers

Completes first trade financing transaction on CamelONE Trade Finance Portal. Read More

Bank priorities lie in keeping corporates in business

Relief for corporates reeling from the coronavirus will be the bank’s top focus for some time, says its global head of transaction banking. Read More

Winning the Digital Transformation Race for Treasuries in Asia Pacific

DBS Digital Treasurer: A survey conducted by DBS, East & Partners and The Corporate Treasurer. Read More

A New Chapter In Digital Trade

In a new highly interconnected and digitised world, all parties in the supply chain will potentially benefit from greater cost savings and ... Read More

Sibos TV: The Payments Landscape Revolution

DBS joins Sibos TV 2019 to discuss the revolution in the payments landscape. Read More

Euromoney Transaction banking trailblazer: John Laurens, DBS

DBS was recognised as a Transaction Banking Trailblazer in 2019. Read More

Shaping and Enabling Ecosystems for Value Transformation

It is important for businesses to make efficient use of their value chain, both up and downstream. Read More

5 steps to treasury excellence

Using Treasury Prism, treasurers can add value to their organisations by modelling solutions and devising new ways to achieve treasury exce... Read More

Leading in Digital Cash Management

As companies transform for a digital age, and new transaction methods emerge, managing cash effectively has become a strategic priority to ... Read More

The Future-ready Treasurer

An Executive Roundtable with Corporate Treasurers and DBS hosted in Singapore. Read More

Harnessing the value of cash in China

Given the scale and importance of China to many companies, unlocking ‘trapped’ cash in China is often a priority. Read More

APIs Driving Rapid Innovation in Asia

DBS is co-creating with corporate treasurers to transform business models and drive strategic advantages using APIs. Read More

Connecting Corporate Treasurers in Asia To The Digital Age

Using APIs to connect with customers’ systems, DBS offers scalable, real-time transaction solutions for businesses. Read More

Moving to instant payment systems

Infographic: Businesses and consumers are increasingly adopting cashless payments in Asia. See our infographic to find out how your busines... Read More

Expanding your business into Southeast Asia

Infographic: Southeast Asia is a region with economies at vastly different stages of development, and it can be challenging for new entrant... Read More

Setting up a Treasury Centre in Asia

Infographic: Understand the benefits of setting up a Regional Treasury Centre in Singapore or Hong Kong, as well as the benefits each locat... Read More

Why instant is the new normal for payments in Asia

Early adopters of instant payments in Asia are benefiting from immediate transactions and improved cashflow. Read More

Realising the ‘Real-Time’ Benefit in Treasury

What does ‘real-time’ mean in a treasury context, and what are the benefits and implications? Read More

Digital Ecosystems: Dynamic APIs drive corporate change

Ecosystems defines new business models that connect banks, buyers and sellers automatically, and facilitate transactions enabled by APIs. Read More

The future of digital in treasury

A panel discussion with corporate treasurers jointly hosted by DBS and ACTS in Singapore. Read More

The end of the RFP? A new way to evaluate cash management banks

Treasury Prism has the potential to revitalise the bank selection process, saving time and resources that can be spent more effectively. Read More

Executive Roundtable in India – Leveraging disruption to drive digital innovation

An executive roundtable discussion with corporate treasurers hosted by DBS in India. Read More

Digital transformation and the treasury imperative

A panel discussion with corporate treasurers hosted by DBS in Indonesia. Read More

Defining and shaping the digital treasury

A panel discussion with corporate treasurers hosted by DBS in Hong Kong. Read More

Treasury in a digital era

A panel discussion with corporate treasurers hosted by DBS in Singapore. Read More

Driving innovation and simplicity in currency management

With emerging solutions designed specifically to handle multiple currencies, treasurers can now deliver significant efficiencies and cost s... Read More

Next Generation Innovation in Receivables Management

Treasurers and finance managers often find that they have less control over incoming payments. Read More

API Innovation in banking: Creating competitive advantages for businesses

The use of APIs enables the creation of new business models, payments and information flows. Read More

Leveraging bank connectivity for commercial advantages

Establishing a secure, reliable and scalable communication channel with your banking partner is essential to exchange financial transaction... Read More

POBO and ROBO: Channelling flows for group-wide value

As companies adopt inhouse banking, the use of payments-on-behalf-of and receivables-on-behalf-of have also become more familiar and widesp... Read More

Optimising cross-border liquidity

There are a variety of solutions to enhance the management of cash held in different currencies and locations. Read More

Smarter payments for a smarter business

As digital payment solutions evolve and transform the landscape, corporates can benefit from reduced costs, improved controls and ultimatel... Read More

In-house banking: At home in your organisation

In-house banks provide corporate treasurers with another method of centralising and consolidating their business. Read More

The new generation of cashless societies

Contactless cards, mobile wallets, biometric identification are recent innovation that are driving the digital payment landscape today. How... Read More

A new wave of treasury centralisation in Asia

Singapore and Hong Kong are popular locations for establishing regional treasury centres in Asia, with an attractive tax environment, a dee... Read More

A pan-Asian approach to transaction banking

Leveraging bank partnerships to benefit from the breath and reach of banking services across multiple Asian markets. Read More

Shaping a new era of digital banking

Digital technology is inspiring new working practices, sales channels, distribution models, and as a result, driving the company's digital ... Read More

A new light on cash management

DBS Treasury Prism leverages technology to deliver dynamic cash management solutioning, coupled with real-time insights on market practices... Read More