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    Bringing you timely insights on cash and treasury management including tax and regulations, emerging trends, new solutions and latest market practices.

  • DBS Treasury Prism

    A dynamic, digital solutioning platform that enables treasurers to simulate cash and liquidity management structures within the context of risk, returns and regulations. Read more.

  • The end of the RFP? A new way to evaluate cash management banks

    Treasury Prism has the potential to revitalise the bank selection process, saving time and resources that can be spent more effectively. Read more.

  • Digital Ecosystems: Dynamic APIs drive corporate change

    Ecosystems defines new business models that connect banks, buyers and sellers automatically, and facilitate transactions enabled by APIs. Read more.

  • The future of digital in treasury

    Insights from leading corporate treasurers in Singapore as they discuss the impact of digital on treasury and their organisations. Read more.

Treasury Concept

Risk Management

Risk management is a critical element for treasury as risks can result in positive or negative implications for the business. Read more

Market Profile

The United Kingdom (U.K.)

The UK is one of the world's premier financial centres, and the world's western hub for renminbi business. For many businesses, it is a gateway for trading and investing in the rest of the EU. Read more

What's New

Case Study

Trading on emerging opportunities

An export financing arrangement for Fortrec in Asia. Read more

Case Study

A win-win solution for extended payments

A supplier financing solution for Lenovo in Asia. Read more


Next Generation Innovation in Receivables Management

Treasurers and finance managers often find that they have less control over incoming payments. Read more