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  • Intercompany loans

    Similar to bank loans, intercompany loans refer to lending between entities within the same group. Read more.

  • Notional Pooling

    Cash balances in different accounts are notionally offset to derive the net balance, which is then used to calculate interest. Read more.

  • POBO and ROBO: Channelling flows for group-wide value

    As companies adopt inhouse banking, the use of payments-on-behalf-of and receivables-on-behalf-of have also become more familiar and widespread. Read more.

  • Optimising cross-border liquidity

    There are a variety of solutions to enhance the management of cash held in different currencies and locations. Read more.

Treasury Concept

Payment Factory

A centralised management of payments for the organisation to drive greater visibility, control and efficiency in the execution process. Read More

Market Profile


Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest economy, and it is also a manufacturing hub and an evolving local financial centre for the region. Read More

What's New


Moving to instant payment systems

Businesses and consumers are increasingly adopting cashless payments in Asia. See our infographic to find out how your business can reap th... Read More


Why instant is the new normal for payments in Asia

Early adopters of instant payments in Asia are benefiting from immediate transactions and improved cashflow. Read More


The new generation of cashless societies

Contactless cards, mobile wallets, biometric identification are recent innovation that are driving the digital payment landscape today. How... Read More